7th-8th LEAGUE

FALL 2020



Tanner Ashton

Ethan Bechtold

Dominik List

Alex Price

Sam Sobin

Mason Smith Holley

Max Wallace

Jacob Wieczorek


Jesse Bowes

Kenrick Godoy

Connor Laird

Rylan Manning

Jacob Millimaci

Luke Newton

James Risto

Hunter Villa


RJ Brim

Vincent Campoli

Will Harmston

Brady Kramer

Nolan Lackey

Joshua Majczyk

Kayden Smith

Evan Stranko


Connor Brzozowski

Aiden Costello

David Fragale

Grady Matkovich

Khaleel Morkhriby

Dominic Umpleby

Lucas Vargo

Nathan Vogt


Jack Dahlstrand

Parker Irwin

Findley Lincoln

Cassius Milie

Ben Mozdy

Emanuel Ocasio

Brady Rice

Ethan Smith


Rocco Almonte

Trenton Garner

Kamden Kramer

Colton Orlando

Quentin Orlando

Joey Stephan

Collin Swick

David Tofel


*BOLD indicates winning team*

Monday September 14

6:00pm - Duke vs Gonzaga

7:00pm - Michigan State vs Syracuse

8:00pm - Kentucky vs UNC

Wednesday September 16

6:00pm - Gonzaga vs Syracuse

7:00pm - Duke vs Kentucky

8:00pm - Michigan State vs UNC

Monday September 21

6:00pm - Syracuse vs UNC

7:00pm - Gonzaga vs Kentucky

8:00pm - Michigan State vs Duke

Wednesday September 23

6:00pm - UNC vs Duke

7:00pm - Gonzaga vs Michigan State

8:00pm - Kentucky vs Syracuse

Monday September 28

6:00pm - UNC vs Gonzaga

7:00pm - Syracuse vs Duke

8:00pm - Kentucky vs Michigan State

Wednesday September 30

6:00pm - Michigan State vs Syracuse

7:00pm - Gonzaga vs Duke

8:00pm - UNC vs Kentucky

Monday October 5

6:00pm - Kentucky vs Duke

7:00pm - Syracuse vs Gonzaga

8:00pm - UNC vs Michigan State

Wednesday October 7

6:00pm - UNC vs Syracuse

7:00pm - Kentucky vs Gonzaga

8:00pm - Duke vs Michigan State

Monday October 12

6:00pm - Syracuse vs Kentucky

7:00pm - Duke vs UNC

8:00pm - Michigan State vs Gonzaga

Wednesday October 14

Playoffs - Qtrs

6:00pm - Duke vs UNC

7:00pm - Gonzaga vs Michigan State

Monday October 19

Playoffs - Semis/Championship

6:00pm - UNC vs Syracuse

7:00pm - Michigan State vs Kentucky

8:00pm - Winner of 6pm game vs Winner of 7pm game


   Team                        Wins          Losses


1.  Syracuse                 6                   3 - won coin toss for 1st

2.  Kentucky                 6                   3

3.  Gonzaga                5                   4

4.  Duke                      4                   5 - won coin toss for 4th

5.  UNC                      4                   5

6.  Michigan State        2                   7


** PIAA rules will be played with the following HOUSE rules:

  • Two 20 minute halves - running clock

    • Stopped clock last minute of each half​

  • Man to man defense only

  • Bonus 1 and 1 on 10th team foul

  • Overtime: 1 minute period - stopped clock

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** CLEAN, CLOSED-TOE & CLOSED-BACK SNEAKERS MUST be worn while using the ninja equipment or on the gym floor!**

NO  crocs, sandals, flip-flops, boots, dress shoes, heeled-shoes, etc. are allowed while using the equipment or on the gym floor