Ready to become the next American Ninja Warrior, looking for a new way to get in shape or just want to try something new?

Whatever your reason...Sinai Sports offers a variety of classes!


Choose one that fits your interest, age, ability and schedule.


This class is for tots ages 3-5 who are looking to build strength, endurance and confidence AND their parents.


They will learn how to conquer age appropriate obstacles in a fun and safe environment.


**Parents are required to participate, on the floor, in this class with their children, if the coach deems it necessary.**


Age Group:


Ages 3-5

NINJA TOTS - Ages 3-5

NINJA - Ages 6+

Our Ninja classes are a great way to begin your Ninja training, whether your just starting out, looking for a new workout or training for your next competition.


Ninja classes are divided into 3 sections: Balance/Agility, Strength and Endurance and offer obstacle instruction to train and master techniques to be able to conquer obstacles by increasing obstacle efficiency in a safe environment.  All while working toward the goal of developing strong Ninja athletes!

Perfect for all skill levels. The more classes you attend each week, the quicker skills can be learned and mastered!

Age Groups:

Kids - 6-12

Mature - 13+

Lady - 18+


Our Homeschool Ninja class is for homeschooling families looking to fulfill their physical education requirements or just looking for some time out of the house!  Students partake in a 1 hour class and a 1 hour open gym.  Parents must supervise their children during the hour of open gym.


Registration is not required but recommended as the class is capped at 60 students.

Age Groups:

5 - High School Senior


***CLEAN, CLOSED-TOE & CLOSED-BACK SNEAKERS MUST be worn while using the Ninja equipment or on the Ninja floor!**

NO crocs, sandals, flip-flops, boots, dress shoes, heeled shoes, etc. are allowed!


Online Registration is HIGHLY encouraged - Each class is capped at 10 PARTICIPANTS

**Preference is given to online registrations!**