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Sinai Sports' Youth Indoor Hitting League is a league designed to provide hitters a funcompetitive opportunity to develop sound fundamentals, improve their hitting technique and get swings in during the off-season.  

The league is simple - players get 10 swings per inning (up to 60 per game) and score points by hitting line drives into designated scoring areas of the batting cage.  It's fun, fast-paced and creates an environment of competition and pressure as your team tries to earn points for each swing and out score your opponent.




If you're new to Sinai Sports, please CLICK HERE to create a registration profile for each participant prior to arrival.


TEAM:  CLICK HERE to register your team for the league

INDIVIDUAL:  CLICK HERE to register as a "free agent" for the league


Every participant MUST complete an online liability waiver prior to using the facility.

 CLICK HERE to complete the online waiver.


  • What: League will run for 6 weeks - 5 weeks of pool play games & 1 week of bracket play

  • When:

  • Time: Games generally begin at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm depending on the number of registered teams

    • Players should arrive 10-15 min early and be ready to start promptly at their start time​

  • Cost:  $180 per team OR $70 per individual

    • Individuals that sign up as "free agents" will be placed on a team, if there is a need​

  • Who: Baseball / softball players ages 7 - 18

    • Separate leagues for baseball & softball

    • Teams will be divided into age appropriate divisions where needed




  • Teams consist of 3 players


    • ONLY players registered/assigned to your team are eligible to hit for your team - NO SUBSTITUTES

    • Games will start promptly on time - No makeup games or rounds will be allowed

    • Teams must have a minimum of 2 players at game time to play - less than 2 players will result in a forfeit

      • After week 1, a missing player's score will be determined by using their average minus 10 points

      • Any player that is late will receive a score of "0" until they arrive - this is for team scoring only

    • If a team forfeits a game, the opponent will still bat to determine that team's score for that week

    • Players can only be registered with 1 team

    • Divisions for different age groups will be offered - depending on the number of registered teams

  • Each game will be 6 innings or 50 minutes - once an inning starts it will finish - no new innings after 45 minutes

  • An inning consists of each team batting through their lineup. The visiting team hits first.

  • Each player will get 10 swings per inning. Pitches not swung at do not count against batter. No practice swings

  • Pitches will be underhand front soft-toss from behind an L-screen; 20 feet from home plate

  • Each team must provide their own pitcher/feeder - it may be one of the hitters on your team, if needed

  • Teams MUST have an adult/coach present over the age of 21​

  • ONLY 1 batter & 1 pitcher/feeder allowed in cage at a time - except for ball pickup

  • Players must wear helmets at ALL times while in the cage

  • Players must provide their own bats and helmets - Sinai Sports will provide baseballs & L-screens


    • No foul/inappropriate language

    • No throwing or slamming equipment 

    • No arguing with umpire, scorekeeper or Sinai Sports staff

    • Not adhering to these guidelines may result in ejection from the facility & game for that week

      • a 2nd ejection for behavior will result in further disciplinary action, up to and including ejection from the league and facility for a period of time

  • Flats or indoor turf shoes are required - NO cleats or spikes

  • No food or drinks, with the exception of water

  • Tie-Breakers for Bracket Play Seeding

    • 1st tie-breaker - head-to-head 

    • 2nd tie-breaker - highest overall average

    • 3rd tie-breaker - coin flip


  • Points are scored on line drives ONLY as follows:

    • 0 Points: any missed swing or batted ball in which player is outside of batter's box when contact is made

    • 1 Point: first section of cage​, as marked

    • 2 Points: second section of cage, as marked

    • 3 Points: hitting any part of the L-screen

    • 4 Points: hitting the back net/wall of the cage

    • 5 Points: Square on the back net/wall of the cage

  • Each players points are added after each inning to a running total for each team

  • The team with the most points at the end of the game (time limit or innings) wins the game

  • Team Win-Loss record will be kept in standings and posted on the Sinai Sports website each week

  • The following statistics will also be tracked and posted on the Sinai Sports website every week:

    • Team - most points for the week​

    • Individual - most points for the week

    • Individual - overall highest average points

  • In the event of a tie, each team will choose 1 player to have a 5 swing extra inning - the team's player with the most points after 5 swings is the winner - Extra inning points DO NOT count toward team or individual statistics - they are only used to determine a winner for the game

***Contact David at 814-315-1580 or with any questions.***

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