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**Clubs/teams/organizations call about DISCOUNTED pricing for multiple/long-term rentals.**

Sinai Sports has 12,000 square feet of premium SPORTURF Fast Grass turf that provides a true ball roll and cushioned softness for player safety.  This non-infill turf means you won't be tracking rubber crumbs, plastic pellets or sand home to clean up later. 

Perfect for a variety of uses, such as: Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Speed & Agility Training, & Dodgeball

Choose from 3 different rental options:



  • $65.00 / 30 minutes​

  • $100.00 / 60 minutes

Ideal for team training, provides enough training space to accommodate ONE (1) of the following setups:

  • Full sized 60'x90' infield

  • Full sized Little League or Softball infield AND one (1) 70 ft. batting cage/pitching tunnel

  • Half turf field measuring 50'x100' AND three (3) 70ft. batting cages/pitching tunnels

  • Two (2) half fields (each measuring 50'x100') suitable for small-sided soccer, flag football, etc.

OPTION 2: HALF FIELD (50'x100')

  • $50.00 / 30 minutes

  • $75.00 / 60 minutes


Provides enough training space to accommodate ONE (1) of the following:

  • Two 70ft. batting cages AND a 20'x100' area of turf to be used as a fielding lane or a pitching tunnel

  • Three 70ft. batting cages

  • Small-sided field for soccer training, flag football, speed & agility training, etc.


  • $40.00 / 30 minutes

  • $55.00 / 60 minutes

Ideal for individual or small group skills training!

To Book Turf Time, Contact Us at:

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