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Powered by: Erie Elite Performance VBC

Michael Resurreccion (Club Director of Erie Elite)
Derrick Lyons (Fitness Director of Sinai Sports)

Volleyball Skills

  • Attacking (arm swing, contact point)

  • Ball Control (platform passing, hand setting)

  • Footwork (hitting approach, defensive movement)

  • Transitioning (defensive transitioning to attack)



  • Mobility (upper / lower extremities)

  • Plyometrics (jumping, bounding)

  • Speed & Agility (multi-directional movement, footwork)

  • Basic Strength (sport - specific strength training)


4-week competitive clinic for advanced athletes to better develop their strength and volleyball skills in preparation for middle school, high school or club tryouts.  All athletes will participate in an hour of strength & conditioning (turf) and an hour of volleyball specific drills (court)

Age Group: Group# 1 Ages 12 - 14

                  Group# 2 Ages 15 - 18

Session: June 3 - June 24, 2024

Days and Times:

  • Mondays - 5:00 - 7:00PM

Class Size: 20 participants (each group)


  • $100 for a 4-week session

  • Early Bird Discount - $80 if registered before May 26th

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*Clean, Closed-Toe, and Closed-Back Athletic Shoes must be worn while using the Ninja equipment or on the Ninja floor*

NO crocs, sandals, flip-flops, boots, dress shoes, heeled shoes, etc. are allowed

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